it has been a day.

I mean one of those days that, lucky for you, seem to have the snowball effect. My day started out by being roughly 45 minutes late to preschool. 45 freaking minutes. I don't even know how that is possible, but then again if you know me at all, you probably already know that I tend to run late. When I wake up in the morning I think to myself. Its 6:45. I can get so much done before i need to leave for preschool at 8:45. I can do the dishes I should have done the night before, wash my hair, do my make up, fix my hair, make the kids lunches, cut their sandwiches with a cookie cutter because I like to be crafty. They may have to eat cheerios out of the box in the car, but hey, I can do a lot of things before it's time to go at least half way.


But back to my day. I get the kids dropped off. I decide I really don't have anything that I absolutely have to get done while the kids are in school, so I make my way over to Hillsboro Village with Remy in tow. I had my computer in the car, and figured there was no time like the present to start working on my blog. 


I open my computer. 12% battery. No biggie. I remembered to pack my charger for once. Naturally, there is no plug by my table, and no where for me to move. It's ok. I will work until it dies, and then I will write some notes and make some lists in my notebook. I look in my bag. No pen. How did that happen? It was there last night. It's ok. Not a big deal. I do as much as I can before the computer dies then I play on my phone a few minutes before leaving to pick up the kids at MDO.


I arrive on time. It's a miracle. I make my way over to Owen's class. His teacher looks at me, and says "Mom we need to talk." Apparently, Owen was not up for time out today, and when his teacher kindly asked him to sit he slapped her in the face. Ok, I won't be discouraged. Everyone said these things would happen. I will work with him on being a kind and well mannered boy. 


I'm late to get Sawyer which means I may or may not get charged for aftercare. It's ok. I am taking on this day. I grab her, and we walk over to the playground. We play for about 10 minutes then its time to go. Sawyer runs up to me and says she accidentally peed in her panties. It's ok. She tends to hold it and then gets the giggles. You do the math. She changes her panties. Owen walks over and has a massive wet spot on his pants. He tells me he peed on the playground. Awesome. 


We get him changed and make it home free. I go to open the back door, and its locked. I dig in my purse. I brought the spare key. I have no key to house. Somehow I have never done this before. Wade is at a conference and won't be home until after 9. I send him a quick text asking if he knows where a spare may be. No spare. I drive 20 minutes to where he is and grab his keys. At least everyone is asleep at this point. I contemplate driving through Starbucks for a chocolate chip muffin, so I can eat my feelings. I remind myself its a bad choice and my refrigerator is stocked full of healthy snacks. Bleh.


We make it home at last. We cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie. I warm up some leftovers for dinner. Owen has another accident. It's ok. We still have good days and bad days with it. I trained him early. It's to be expected. I put him in the bath and eat my warm dinner on the bathroom floor. Sawyer jumps in. I'm leaning over the bath washing their hair. Sawyer knocks the shower. Suddenly, my hair and shirt is soaked. I scream out for a second then take a deep breathe. Bedtime is near. I can do this. I look up. I've got 3 wet headed babies with matching pjs cuddling together and looking at me from the couch. This. 


"If you don't laugh you will cry" was my theme for today. The shower scene almost tipped me over. I have been in seasons of motherhood where this would have broke me. But I am trying hard to let things go. Motherhood isn't about perfection. It's about being blessed enough to go through really hard moments followed by an amazing moment you don't want to end. How blessed am I to get to be on this ride.